The Story Behind Our Brand

We all have to heed our calling at some point and for Mystic Grassroots founder, Sophia Torres, that calling is uplifting the world through the sweet science of scent. It all began with a dream. Yes, an actual dream. This dream led Sophia down a path of healing through ancient African traditions. After her dream, Sophia sought out a mentor to learn about the power and purpose of different herbs.

This soul path gave way to the creation of Mystic Grassroots, where you’ll find luxury skin care with all-natural ingredients formulated to lift your mood and nourish your sacred well-being.

Our mission isn’t just to make you feel better but to also leave the planet a better place. All of our skincare products are created with phthalate free, premium fragrance oils and essential oils. Our candles are made with a proprietary blend of coconut and apricot wax, which is sustainably sourced, toxin free, paraben free, and phthalate free. The charming little wick candles are more than just adorable. Handcrafted with FSC Certified Wood, the eco-friendly candle wick burns clean.

Have you discovered your calling, modern mystic? You never quite know when it will appear to you. Perhaps during your next bath or candlelit meditation session.